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Maria Luisa Di Pinto

Maria Luisa Is a leader within the global network marketing industry, having built a business that expands into 25 countries in the world and growing.

About Maria Luisa Di Pinto

The desire for change 21 years ago, was the reason behind Maria Luisa’s decision to leave behind a 14 year old business as a very successful self employed remedial masseuse. The long hours and very hard physical work was putting a huge strain on her physical health and so when presented an opportunity to look at an American-based health and nutrition company she took a leap of faith and dived in head first as all of the necessary boxes regarding her ethics, trust and loyalty were ticked off. 

The journey that this decision has followed has allowed Maria Luisa to use her skills as a coach and mentor to change the lives of many through her inspirational and leadership skills. 

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