Nurturing Your Success

I have come to understand that success comes from being true to your values and personal happiness in life.

The Mentor

Maria Luisa’s understanding that Network Marketing is based on a very powerful universal principle which is “you get what you give”, has seen her build her business to the size that has snowballed into something beyond her dreams in the beginning. Combining her professional attitude, her leadership and coaching skills with an innate capacity to understand peoples needs, she has founded her business on honesty, loyalty, ethics and trust. With these values at heart and being an eternal, avid student of the profession and communication through sharing her knowledge she can share the journey to success with those who choose to dare to dream big and work to win.

“I have come to understand that success comes from being true to your values and personal happiness in life, and the material things follow if you are prepared to work hard for what you want in life. My passion is to see the people I develop and coach in our business, flourish because they have found a place where they can be themselves and achieve things and become someone they never thought they could be. We all have a diamond inside, sometimes this is so rough at the start due to life’s experiences that we don’t see it anymore, and it just takes someone from out side to help us to see our own personal value and give us the confidence to become the person we were destined to be:”


Marianna Says;

“I was introduced to the business 3 years ago and 4 months later I had gone from waitress to Manager. I received many compliments after my recognition and I will always remember the hug that amazing lady Maria Luisa Di Pinto gave me.

I participated in many of her trainings and have learnt the importance of working with a method to create duplication and to help the members of my team.
Working with the method is like getting into a car and setting the navigator to get to the destination of your choice.

Maria Luisa is the Woman who for the past 20 years through her example and huge heart teaches us how to make our dreams come true.”

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