A Business In Over 25 Countries

With a highly successful business that expands into 25 countries in the world, Maria Luisa’s capacity to guide people to their personal success speaks for itself.

The Business Woman

In 21 years of working with Forever she is one of the most respected leaders in the world, in the company. Maria Luisa’s ability to understand peoples needs and through this help them to create a personally tailored plan to achieve their goals, has led her to live the life of her dreams.

“When I was first introduced to Forever’s marketing model, I knew that I had found the right company as it is second to none, more over I saw the opportunity to achieve the time freedom and work balance I was looking to create in order to be able pursue my personal interests. Hard work has never frightened me as I could see the incredible rewards at the end of the journey.

What I have experienced of the past two decades has been incredible, the personal development and inner journey I have experienced has been phenomenal as I worked my way up the career ladder with determination and fun. I understood that the implementation of a very simple method would enable me to create the life of my dreams whilst ensuring others are creating theirs”.


Daniela says;

“I used to work as a manager for a traditional company, but working 12 hours a day I had no time for myself or my family. I worked hard hoping that this would allow me to realize my dreams…but this was not the case. Maria Luisa is a Professional with a huge heart, and the capacity to listen, to understand your needs in order to then show you the road to be able to achieve your goals. She is a great Leader and an inspiration to many.”

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