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My Opportunity

Maria Luisa’s business offers you the opportunity to choose to create the financial freedom, the travel experiences, the possibility to educate your children, to live in the house of your dreams, pay off your debts or what ever it is you are looking for by ultimately creating the blueprint of the life you want to live through working with her to create the peace of mind you want.

You can choose through working with state of the art products to develop your own team and build a business nationally and Internationally, there are no limits to how far you can unleash your entrepreneurial capacity. Maria Luisa will guide and mentor you be it full or part time, working around your current commitments to create lasting change so long as you are aligned with the same values and have a desire to help others to succeed.


Working closely with Maria Luisa you can build a business that will carry your family through the next few generations as the choice is there to create uncapped, residual income that can be the legacy you leave for the generations to come. You can earn the opportunity to benefit from all the company offers from the car of your choice, all expenses paid global travel and a share in the company’s global turnover, over the years the company has paid out in excess of 350 million dollars.

Why People are acting now

The world is changing, the work place is changing and a real need has arisen for people to look outside of their comfort zones as recent events have left people with a real fear for their futures. People are living longer and we live in a society where we are constantly being invited to get into debt, most people have inadequate pensions and little or no healthcare plans. Many people are facing lack of job security and levels of stress that weigh heavily on personal and family health.

How you can change now

Working with Maria Luisa and Forever you have the opportunity to create the change you are looking for, this will allow you to take back control of your life, of your financial situation and give you the freedom to lead the life of your choice.

No previous experience is required, however a strong work ethic and a powerful desire for success and freedom are ingredients that are necessary to succeed. Working closely to Maria Luisa who will coach, train and mentor you to your success, all of this is achieved through using a proven business model that is planned and personally tailored to suit your personal needs.

If you have been inspired to take advantage of the same opportunities that have got Maria Luisa to where she is today; if you would like to receive guidance, coaching and mentoring from Maria Luisa and her leaders, plus training developed with Forever to help you to succeed, act now and contact Maria Luisa, or join her on Facebook to see how this can work for you too.